April 23, 2008


Just a quick update on what I've been up to lately... not much, really, at least in terms of working with yarn! But... I am working on a new crochet project. Flowers again -- please don't tell me you're bored with crochet flowers yet! It's too soon to say if my idea is going to work or not, so here's just a quick picture of some swatches:

I might have to re-name my blog if I keep on like this. Make it knotworkrochet or something... It's about time to get back into some serious knitting!!!

April 03, 2008


The Spiral Scarf has been finished for some days:

Pattern: Spiral Scarf
Materials: Wolle Rödel Formosa, colour 9425 (grey), 3 skeins
Tools: 10 mm circular knitting needle, 80 cm long
Modifications: cast on 110 stitches instead of 100

I am so glad I took the time to rip my first attempt and start over with a different yarn and larger needles! I am not really the type for too many ruffles on my clothes, but I actually enjoy wearing this a lot. It is very soft and cozy -- just right for this crazy April weather -- and adds just a tiny bit of sparkle to my otherwise mostly straightforward and classic wardrobe.

Both the yarn and the pattern were great practice for a tight knitter like me -- pull the stitches a bit too tight and you get into real trouble... especially once you have more than a thousand stitches on your needles! I only had a standard 80 cm long circular needle, so for the last two rows it was really hard to find room for all the stitches. (I actually did buy a 100 cm long needle especially for this project, but the only one I could get was a cheap plastic one and I hated knitting with it so much I switched back to my beloved Addis almost immediately. Cramming my stitches seemed by far the more comfortable alternative!) -- The most fun part about this pattern? Casting off and beginning to see the ruffles develop!

When I was eating pasta the other night I suddenly had this strong feeling of déjà vu...