March 17, 2008

I hear a frog calling...

"ribbit, ribbit, ribbit..."

Somehow, none of my recent attempts at knitting have been very successful...

First, I was going to make a neckwarmer (remember this picture?). I had seen these cute, buttoned neckwarmers all over the net this past winter and wanted one for myself. I had this idea of a mixture of textured knitting, a crocheted edge and some colourful embroidery and started knitting away happily. But now that it is long enough to wrap around my neck I am not sure that it will look good at all.

At first, I thought I had simply made the neckwarmer too wide, but I have seen much wider ones on Ravelry, so it can't be that. But I think I now know what the real problem is -- see that stripe of stockinette in the middle? This is where I was going to embroider some flowers, but it really weakens the structure of the whole piece so it just folds up in the middle. I wonder if embroidery would strengthen it enough to make it lie flat around my neck? I somehow doubt it... But who knows? A tiny voice in the back of my head keeps telling me to go ahead and finish it anyway to see how it turns out, if only to be sure that it really doesn't work instead of just wondering. But I just can't get motivated enough to pick up the needles again... Oh well, I will push this into a corner of my knitting basket for now and probably forget about it until after the summer. Maybe I will be more motivated when the weather is turning cold again...

Next, I cast on for a Spiral Scarf. But... after several hours of knitting I finally had to admit that I was using the wrong yarn (too thin) and the wrong needles (also too thin) for this pattern. Nothing else to do but pull out the needles (-- and that was hard work, too, with all those hundreds of stitches!!!) and rip rip rip...

(Hey, at least it curled up like it was supposed to...!)

To make up for my grumpy mood after all these failures, I decided to honour my blog's name and make a few knots:

And here's the result:

Pattern: No-Knit Scarf
Materials: two balls of Lana Grossa Caldo Print, colour 022 (pink)
Tools: blocking board and lots of pins
Modifications: wider than the original, I used six bunches of yarn instead of four

This was a fun project, and really quick, too -- the scarf was finished in less than two hours. It is very comfortable to wear and I really like how it looks. I am feeling much better now!

Well, I'm off to search my stash for a more suitable yarn for the Spiral Scarf. I have learned from my mistakes (I hope!) and know what I have to look for now...


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