January 17, 2008

HELP! -- Too. Many. Ideas.

Ravelry will be my downfall. Someday soon. I can't believe how much time I've been spending on that site lately, admiring all those wonderful finished projects, coveting the books those projects are from, finding loads of new free patterns, filling up my hard drive, filling up my to-do list, filling up my Amazon wish list ... and I haven't even started to upload all my own stuff yet!

Just think what I could have accomplished if I had spent all that time knitting (crocheting -- sewing -- reading -- sleeping -- doing the dishes -- whatever)!

Sorry. Have to go now. There was that link on Ravelry I wanted to check out ...


At 18:42, Anonymous Eva-Liese said...

"...if I had spent all that time..."

Ooh ja (und oh weh)... die Liste wächst und wächst, und wenn ich derweil mal auch nur ein Stück fertig stricken würde...

zufällig vorbeigesurfte Grüße, Eva

At 19:51, Blogger Birgit said...

Tja, das mit dem Fertigstricken ist schon so eine Sache... (warum eigentlich? Man will dieses Teil doch schließlich unbedingt haben!) -- aber tröstlich, dass es mir nicht alleine so geht! :-)

Liebe Grüße,

At 04:55, Anonymous Hina said...

Well said.


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