January 17, 2008

HELP! -- Too. Many. Ideas.

Ravelry will be my downfall. Someday soon. I can't believe how much time I've been spending on that site lately, admiring all those wonderful finished projects, coveting the books those projects are from, finding loads of new free patterns, filling up my hard drive, filling up my to-do list, filling up my Amazon wish list ... and I haven't even started to upload all my own stuff yet!

Just think what I could have accomplished if I had spent all that time knitting (crocheting -- sewing -- reading -- sleeping -- doing the dishes -- whatever)!

Sorry. Have to go now. There was that link on Ravelry I wanted to check out ...

January 11, 2008

Happy New Knitting Year!

Hope you've all had wonderful holidays and a great start into 2008! We had a good time spending Christmas with our families and then set off to celebrate the new year in the mountains. We spent some days in this romantic village hidden away in the Swiss Alps:

It's the perfect place if you're looking for some quiet days in the snow away from the crowded slopes of the ski resorts. Just some beautiful old houses and grand landscape all around:

While we were there, a friend took me on my first snow shoe hike ever. I really enjoyed that! And just look at the handfelted (by himself) and handsewn (by his mother) gaiters he was wearing:

Oh wow, I want a pair of those for myself!!! Guess I'll have to try some felting some time...

Well, speaking about crafting... I am getting really depressed seeing all those mosaics people have put up on their blogs to show how much they have been knitting last year. 2007 was a difficult year for me, so it's no surprise I didn't have much time for my hobbies. Still, it is rather frustrating to compare what you wanted to accomplish within a year with what you actually managed to do. Oh well...

Anyway, after having failed so miserably at last year's knitting resolutions, I won't post any more of those. After all, knitting (and writing about it on this blog) is supposed to be fun, and I don't want to put myself under any kind of pressure. I still want to achieve the same goals I wrote about last year, but I won't set myself any time frame.

But I do have one more FO to show for 2007! I was in bed with a bad cold for almost a week just before Christmas, and since my ears hurt like hell I decided it was about time to knit myself one of those earflap hats. So I got out some odd balls of yarn and my DPNs, took some basic measurements of my head and just started knitting. In the end, the earflaps turned out much too long and looked really silly, so I added a button and turned the hat into a helmet:

Very cozy and warm! It is far from perfect, but I still love the result, it's so comfortable to wear. I'd like to make another one that fits better -- and without the pom pom so it will fit unter the hood of my skiing jacket!

I was too sick to come up with any fancy cable patterns, plain old k2 p2 was about all I could manage. But I did sew on a crocheted snowflake in the end:

And believe it or not, there is already a FO to show for 2008, too!

It's a flower scarf I crocheted for my husband's goddaughter who just turned eight. No need to think much about what colours to use -- obviously it's all pink and red at that age... (hey, sometimes I am really glad to have a son and not a daughter!).

I got the idea for this scarf from several similar ones I have seen in the shops lately, so I sat down and tried to figure out how they were done. I'm not sure if the result is exactly like the original scarves I saw, but I am very happy with it as it is. I have started to make another one for myself, too, but in a bit more grown-up colours...

Edit (23-01-2008): Go have a look at the beautiful scarf my friend Angelika made!