December 11, 2007

Getting in the Mood...

... with the right kind of decoration ...

... and the right kind of food!

Alas, the beautiful winter weather has not lasted very long -- it has been mostly bleak and wet outside for days and weeks now. All the more reason to spend lots of time preparing the house for Christmas! This is something that hasn't been really important to me for the last five or ten years or so -- but now, with a small child around who is just old enough to start appreciating the special mood of Advent and Christmas, I am really enjoying showing him all the season's traditions.

As far as crafting is concerned, I've been sewing like mad to get my son's Advent Calendar finished in time:

It has beautiful snowflake fabric ...

... machine embroidered snowflakes ...

... and lots of little surprises!

(Oh... any advice on how to convince a two-year-old to take out only one package a day?)


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