October 31, 2007

Still here!

Well... it's been one of those months...

I know one should try to make the best out of each and every day, but still there are some days -- or even weeks -- you could very well do without! (Ummm, that sounds a lot worse than the last few weeks actually were, but I will still be glad for things to settle down a bit.)

Anyway, the good thing about not blogging for a while is that when you finally do get around to posting, you have a lot to show -- even though there has been very little time for crafting!

Right, I promised some more details on the sewing projects I showed in my last post...

First, I made two tote bags, based on tutorials on Craftster, but with some modified techniques and details.
One is for my son to carry his favourite books around:

The other one is for myself, to carry my books around... or rather, my magazines and newspapers that I want to "butcher" (i.e. tear out all the interesting stuff and throw the rest away):

There's a divider in the back seams to form a seperate compartment that will hold one or two folders in which I keep the torn-out pages and clippings:

I also made a matching case for my scissors, an essential tool for cutting out articles, recipes and other interesting stuff! This will go into the front pocket of the bag.

Next, I made two small pencil cases to throw into my handbag and take with me wherever I go... Once again I was inspired by tutorials for wallets and pencil cases which I found on Craftster, but the final pattern is my own. (Let me know if you're interested and I can write a tutorial how to make these!)

One is for my son's drawing equipment -- very important to have with us when we go out to keep him busy for a while! There is even a small compartment to store a sharpener and a folded sheet of paper. It's hard to see in the picture; look for the seamline just above the tips of the crayons.

The other one is for myself and holds a notepad as well as two or three pens. This is great for quick sketches of all the knitting ideas I get when I walk around town!

All these items have been used a lot already and serve their purposes perfectly. And I have a long list of other useful little things I want to sew -- this is so much fun! (Hey, Christmas is coming up, isn't that the perfect excuse???)

Then there is some lovely craft-related stuff I bought at various markets. Here is one skein of nearly-black-with-just-a-hint-of-brown alpaca and a wonderful, handwoven herringbone scarf -- just in time for the dropping temperatures! I will use the yarn to make a cowl, but I haven't decided on a stitch pattern yet.

Also, I finally found a yarn swift at a flea market; I'd been looking for an affordable one for a long time and was about to build one myself. (There are great instructions here, in case anyone is interested!) Then I came across this one, and it was definitely affordable at only 3 Euros! It's a very simple and fragile construction, but it works quite well and I am very happy with it.

And guess what I picked up at a children's flea market:

The most beautiful handknitted socks! They look brand new, I bet they haven't ever been worn. I keep wondering if they were knit by some loving grandmother and simply not appreciated by the receiver or his/her mother... why else would one sell something like this??? I know I will always keep the things I knit for my son, even when he's long outgrown them. -- It'll be years yet before my son will fit into the socks, but I just couldn't leave them behind. Want to see the best part? The price tag!

(They definitely didn't appreciate the value of handknitted socks if they gave them away for a Euro! Good for me, though...)

There is still more, but I will save that for my next post. I have started a few new projects, I got tons of new ideas, and -- finally -- my Ravelry invite arrived. You can find me there as "knotworknits", but don't expect to see much yet... I'm still spending far too much time browsing through all the projects! (HELP! I don't need any more ideas!!!)

Oh, by the way, the Aran is growing slowly but steadily -- no new pictures though, because so far the front looks exactly like the back...!