August 25, 2007


Look what fell out of my mailbox today!

I (only just!) resisted the urge to tear the plastic open and look inside right away. I'm about to take my son to spend the night at my parents' place and my husband is away to climb some mountains, so I will have a quiet weekend to myself. What better way to pamper myself tonight than with a brand-new issue of my favourite knitting magazine?!

I was not quite so disciplined with this, though...:



August 20, 2007

Sign Of The Times

This weekend I was sitting in my garden being very lazy and enjoying the sun, a drink and a good book, when all of a sudden I noticed this little fellow who had quietly settled on the pillow beside me:

There's no denying it -- autumn is on its way! All the more reason to hurry up with my knitting so I will have something new to wear when it gets cold... I have made rapid progress on my Aran in the days after casting on, but then I slowed down and now I haven't knit a single stitch in about two weeks or so. The back is finished right up to the point where I have to decrease for the armholes, and while I was preparing to cast off the first couple of stitches I suddenly thought this sweater might actually look very nice with raglan sleeves instead of regular set-in sleeves. Only I have never before planned raglan sleeves, and I'm not so sure the decreases will go well with the cable patterns and the seed stitch... Oh well, I guess I will just have to give it a try and be prepared to rip if I don't like it! Not knitting at all just because I can't make up my mind is definitely NOT a good idea...

This is what I have accomplished so far:

So what is that dark thread doing in the middle of my knitting...? It's the outline of the V-neck I will knit on the front piece! About halfway through the back I made a paper pattern of the neckline and stitched the outline onto my knitting, so now all I have to do is count the stitches to figure out where to do the decreases.

And here's a detail of the ribbing continuing into the cables:

I have now cast on for the front piece so I can postpone the decision about the sleeves a while longer ...