July 02, 2007

Treasure Trove

I just LOVE second hand bookshops. There is something extremely exciting about browsing shelf after shelf full of old books, never knowing what treasure you might find... Some of those books might even give you a hint about their previous owners, like a handwritten name or date. I once bought a book signed "Helen Hamilton Xmas 1886" -- how I would love to know more about that lady and who it was who gave her that book for Christmas! Did she read and treasure the book, or was it an unloved present that ended up in a forgotten corner or a box in the attic? And how did it find its way into the tiny shop in a remote Scottish village where I picked it up and bought it? -- Somehow I always feel the air in second hand bookshops is filled with such personal histories and that's one of the reasons of why I find these shops so appealing.

Of course, another reason is the thrill of the hunt for a good bargain -- who wouldn't be excited to find a great book at a great price?! Lately, however, prices for second hand books in general and second hand craft books in particular have gone up so much, it wasn't much fun looking for old books anymore.

Today I was walking through a part of town where I hadn't been much before and came across a small second hand bookshop -- and of course I couldn't resist looking around for a bit. Right when I came in I saw they had a whole shelf full of craft books, something that is quite unusual for second hand shops around here. Usually, you can count yourself lucky if you find two or three craft books, and if you do you probably already own them. You can imagine my joy when I found that they had quite a few books I hadn't seen before and that the prices for them were extremely reasonable! I compared prices throughout the shop and they were generally much higher for books on other topics, so it seems they just hadn't heard yet about crafting being popular again... -- lucky me! I walked out with a whole bag full of knitting and sewing books for just €12:

Now, most of the patterns in there are rather out-of-date, the kind of seventies and eighties clothes you DON'T want to wear... but there are still a lot of great ideas and stitch patterns to keep me occupied for some time.

Ahem... Did I say I need any more ideas...?


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