March 14, 2007

Work in Progress

Sorry it's been so quiet around here, but I simply haven't had anything to show you. And I'm afraid I am definitely lacking the talent to write an interesting post with absolutely nothing to say! I really envy those people who know how to do this...

But now there is finally work in progress again! Out of sheer neccessity I have started a new project, something spontaneous that suddenly occurred to me and had to be started right away. It's my son's fault, actually, that I couldn't concentrate on the 1001 projects I was already planning to do, but had to start something completely new. He is one and a half years old now and GROWING! All of a sudden he seems to have outgrown all his clothes, so last Friday I went shopping and came home with three huge bags full of new things for him. But with spring on the doorstep I definitely refuse to go out and buy him any more warm sweaters that will be too small after the summer! So on a whim I decided to knit a slipover for him to keep him snug and cozy on those sunny yet chilly spring days.

(By the way, I often see what I would call a "slipover" called a "vest" -- but then what is the difference between a sleeveless sweater that you have to slip over your head and a sleeveless cardigan that you button up in front, which is what I would call a "vest"? Could someone whose English is better than mine please enlighten me?!)

At first, I was thinking of a simple yet interesting rib pattern, something that knits up quickly and still won't leave me bored after a few rows. But when I started swatching I suddenly found myself knitting patterns that were getting more and more complicated... until I realized I was in the middle of designing a whole Guernsey pattern! (I am so obsessed with Guernsey patterns, I think they are so beautiful, especially the vertical ones. But that is a topic for another post or two... -- I have Guernsey plans for the near future, so stay tuned!)

Anyway, I sort of pulled the emergency brake on my design and turned back to my original idea of something quick and easy. I want this finished in one or two weeks and not start something too complicated for mindless speed-knitting! So I settled for a simple rib and cable pattern that is still fun to knit, and I am quite pleased with my progress so far.

(Sorry, no pictures of the Guernsey swatches, I ripped them before I remembered to take out my camera!)


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