February 18, 2007

To frog or not to frog...

It's not going to work. My stocking-to-be is just not going to fit. I have to face it, there is no use in trying to deceive myself any longer! I don't know if it's the pattern, or if my knitting is way too tight, or if my calves are too thick -- fact is, it simply won't fit.

So what do I do? Frog everything and start over? But more stitches means I have to recalculate the whole pattern. Which I suppose doesn't really matter, since I decided I don't like the cables my pattern uses anyway. I find them much too fiddly, especially when knitting with such thin needles. So I was thinking of ripping back to the ribbing and designing my own cable pattern anyway. But that still leaves me with the decision if I really want to frog those 12 cm of ribbing that were so boring to knit and start all over again? Right now that thought is just too frustrating to contemplate!

So... maybe my first sock will be just that -- a sock, and not a stocking after all.


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