December 28, 2006


Funny how Christmas seems to come so suddenly and unexpected every year... you keep thinking you have all the time in the world to finish your presents and baking and decoration, and all of a sudden you realize how little time there is actually left. So -- despite my best intentions -- once again I was rushing to get everything finished at the very last possible minute. Sorry, not a single moment left to log into my blog and wish you all a Merry Christmas... I do hope you had a wonderful time with your families and friends, though! I'm enjoying a few quiet days after all the running around and meeting people, and slowly my mind is getting back into a crafty mood. No time for knitting over Christmas, no fiber-related gifts, not even a new knitting book -- I am seriously beginning to suffer from deprivation!

I finally found the time to knit up some swatches for my Aran slipover last night:

Still not sure about the centre panel, not sure about the bobbles either -- I'm not even sure I like the yarn. Somehow it feels far too soft for Aran-style knitting, even though the cables do show nicely. I guess I will have to knit a few more swatches, maybe it's just one of my not-sure-about-anything days. It's nice to do some knitting again anyway; after all the crocheting I've been doing lately I really enjoy working with two needles again. I can't wait to get through the planning stage and cast on for this project!

December 20, 2006


Finished just in time to wear for Christmas:

Pattern: Burda SH 414/78, pattern no. 1412
Materials: just over 350 g of Schachenmayr Extra (100 % new wool), colour 3521 (black)
Tools: crochet hook 4,5 mm
Modifications: added four pattern repeats to get the required width, did only two rows of border pattern instead of four

I am very happy with the result, although this took me a lot longer to finish than I had expected and I was thoroughly fed up with the flower motif towards the end. I did enjoy the crocheting as such - it was only my second major crochet project ever, the first being a very colourful granny square afghan I made when I was about 20. I had hardly even touched a crochet hook since then and was a bit nervous when I started this shawl if I was up to the challenge. It turned out to be quite easy actually, once I knew what I was doing. Here is a big THANK YOU to Angelika for getting me started with the stitches!

December 18, 2006

B***ty on the Blocking Board

I am extremely pleased...

Edit (February 2007): I keep getting spam comments for this post, so I suppose I must have used some keywords that trigger certain people's search engines... I have now "disfigured" one of the words I suspect, so let's hope this will solve the problem.

December 17, 2006

It's a mad world

Today I felt like baking Christmas cookies, so I got out my recipe books, wrote a shopping list and headed over to my local supermarket - only to find they had already cleared away all the Christmas baking stuff! When I asked a member of the staff about this, I was told "oh, but we're now selling products for New Year's Eve".

Excuse me???

Please tell me if I am hopelessly behind schedule if I want to do some Christmas baking a week before Christmas? -- Well, I guess I am, considering they start selling Christmas products in September...

But there is good news, too: the crochet shawl is finished and I hope to be able to block it tomorrow. So stay tuned for pictures some time soon...!

December 08, 2006

Planning Ahead

The crochet shawl is growing slowly, but my mind is already occupied with my next project - a tight-fitting, heavily cabled slipover. Here's a rough sketch of what I have in mind:

I have the yarn, a soft merino wool in a classic off-white, and I have picked a number of patterns to try out. I haven't decided on a pattern for the centre panel yet, but I already have a quite clear idea of what the sides are going to look like. I've never cared much for bobbles, but somehow I feel I need lots of bobbles here! Funny how things you always thought you didn't like suddenly become desirable... I used to think slipovers were hopelessly old-fashioned and until last winter I would never ever have thought of wearing one. Then I saw a friend wearing an aran slipover and instantly knew I had to make one for myself! I've been too busy with everyday life all during the year to get started before now, but I really want to wear this before the winter is over! (-- Not that it has even begun yet here in Germany - temperatures have been more like spring lately rather than snow and ice like you would expect and hope for in mid-December... --)