November 29, 2006


... for the nice comments on my blog! It feels good to get positive feedback, especially since the whole blogging thing is all new to me and I still have to figure out the "rules"...

I know I don't have much time for knitting or all the other crafts I'd like to do, and I can't promise I will be able to post regularly, but I do hope I can make this a blog you will enjoy to look at!

November 26, 2006

Birthday Present

I needed a birthday present for a friend and decided this was the perfect opportunity to make one of those knitting needle cases I have seen on various blogs lately.

This was a fun project, easy to sew, and it took only just over two hours to finish. I am definitely going to make more of these! I am already planning one for circular needles - and maybe a smaller one for crochet hooks, too? So many possibilities ...

Here's another image rolled and tied up:

November 23, 2006

Nordic Impressions

I just got home from a four day trip to Oslo - what a treat to be back in this beautiful city after such a long time! I went to see a friend who moved there last year, and a visit was long overdue. I didn't do much sightseeing, I just walked around the streets and spent quite a lot of time browsing through book and yarn shops.

One of the places I did visit was the Norsk Folkemuseum, a wonderful open air museum with lots of old houses from all over Norway. You can just wander around all day and discover the most fascinating things - like this interesting object:

It's a "mangletre", a wooden board used for ironing linen sheets. The still damp cloth would be wrapped around a wooden cylinder and then the wrinkles would be smoothed by rolling the flat side of the board back and forth over the cylinder. I tried the board in the picture, and it was really hard work! The museum has quite a few beautifully carved examples of these boards in its collections and they are very common with horse-shaped handles. I have read that a mangletre was often used as a betrothal gift a young man would hand-carve for his fiancée - now doesn't that sound romantic! But honestly, would you agree to marry a man who gives you an iron as an engagement present...?

There was a display of traditional lefse baking in one of the old baking houses; I've never before tasted such good lefser, still warm from the open fire and dripping with melted butter!

Sorry the picture is out of focus, but it was quite dark in there and that lady was constantly moving around. I just thought I had to show you that gorgeous Setesdal cardigan she was wearing. Those "lusekofter" - "lice jackets" - are most common in black and white, but hers was grey and white and I liked that colour combination a lot. I've been wanting to knit myself a Setesdal cardigan for a long time, and I think if I do these will be "my" colours. By the way, if you want to find out more about lusekofter, you must read Annemor Sundbø's wonderful book "Setesdal Sweaters"!

I didn't bring home much knitting stuff, just some Dale yarn and some pattern leaflets. I was actually quite disappointed with the current Dale patterns, I didn't see anything I was even remotely interested in. But then again, I don't really need any more pattern ideas and no more yarn either - being a "typical" knitter I have plenty of both...!

November 10, 2006

Two is company, three is even better company!

I had two knitting friends over today and we spent the whole day chatting about our latest projects, pattern books and yarn acquisitions. It was a beautiful sunny day, there was good food, and we even managed to get some work done!

I made some progress on my current WIP - not a knitting project, though. It's a crochet shawl from an ancient BURDA magazine - an original vintage pattern from 1978! The yarn I'm using is much thinner than the original yarn, so I had to add 4 pattern repeats to get the required width. This adds up to the incredible sum of 136 flower motifs, each of which has two ends to weave in...

Well, 108 down, only 28 to go!

November 05, 2006

Words of Welcome

I've been struggling with HTML and CSS for weeks, but I figured it's about time to leave things as they are and finally start posting. There will still be some minor changes to the layout sooner or later, but for now...

... a warm welcome to KNOTWORKNITS!

This will mainly be a blog about knitting, but no doubt you will be reading about other things once in a while as well - some crochet, some sewing, some cooking, ... You will not, however, see any pictures of cats, dogs, or socks made from self-striping yarn!

My knitting history goes way back to craft lessons in primary school, and I remember coming home in tears because I just couldn't figure out how to purl! 28 years and millions of purl stitches later, my favourite knitting projects are cables of any kind and Fair Isle/Norwegian colour knitting - the more complicated a pattern, the better! I usually prefer to design my own patterns than following someone else's instructions, and eventually I would like to make some of my patterns available on this site.

For now I will leave you with a picture of the first Aran sweater I ever knit, back in 1989 when a sweater just couldn't be too big. Not much planning went into it - two huge rectangles and some simple stitch patterns, that's all. Good thing that oversized garments are coming back into fashion, so I might actually be able to wear this again!